10mm 18 inch JOIA DE MAJORCA Cricut Maker Earrings Multi-Color Pearl Rhodium Necklace



CLASSIC BEAUTY: 10mm 18 inch Multi-Color Pearl Rhodium Necklace and 10mm White Pearl Stud Earring Set. The perfect gift for any occasion.

ORGANIC AND CRUELTY FREE: Our Majorca pearls are organic and man-made in Spain. Our pearls stand the test of time to reveal a divine inner glow and unmatched luster and iridescence. Unmatched quality at an affordable price

AFFORDABLE: Because our pearls are man-made we can create a quality pearl at an affordable price. Perfect gift for any occasion

LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY: At JOIA DE MAJORCA, we guarantee that you will love your product and offer a limited lifetime warranty on our all products.

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