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Amethyst Meaning C Has been Praised throughout time for its incredible beauty and strong powers to stimulate and soothe the mind, spirit, and emotions. Amethyst is known as the stone of spirituality, protection, and intuition. I may relieve headaches, fatigue and promote good dreams.

Smoky Quartz C Smoky Quartz is a beautiful gemstone that is known to help keep you grounded and increase your overall confidence. Smoky Quartz also helps increase the energy of other surrounding gemstones. Smoky Quartz helps you get past difficult emotional experiences.

Traditional Handmade Mala Beads C Our mala beads bracelets are 100% hand-made with 8mm natural gemstones that are hand pick with love.

Customer Satisfaction – We believe that a broken mala symbolizes the end of a cycle. This is an opportunity to send your love, energy, and attention in a new direction. This is a great way to set intentions in your life. If you feel your Mala broke before your intentions were met, we will fix your Mala.

Whats Included – You will get a gorgeous Larimar holding box accompanied with a 100% cotton bag to hold, protect, and keep your 100% handmade Mala Beads bracelet clean and safe. Each Bracelet comes with 22 beads and 1 guru bead.

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