70S Bracelets Adjustable Bolo Bead Ball Bracelet- Slider Bracelet Verona Jewelers



?AN IMMEDIATE ENTRY TO CLASS AND ELEGANCE- Authentic 925 Sterling Silver Adjustable Bolo Silver Bracelet. A Quick and Easy Way To… Modify your Look, Add to your look, And Glorify Your Look.

?ONE SIZE FITS ALL- No Fear Or Stress Of Sizing. This Bracelet Adjusts To The Size You Need. Size Does Not Matter. A Premiere Way To Keep An Ideal Elegant Look In You..

?WHY STERLING SILVER? ? SAFETY FIRST Sterling Silver is Hypoallergenic, Making it Ideal For Anyone With Sensitive Skin.A Piece Of Cheap Alloy Will Irritate Your Skin, Won’t Last Long, and More Vulnerable To Break. Sterling Silver is an Investment That Will Last A Lifetime.

?COMFORT- A True Comfort Fit The Smooth Ball Bracelet Surface will NOT Thrust, Pull, Or Tug on Your Skin. HIGH CALIBER Durability. These Balls will Not Break, Dent, Or Bend.

? UNIQUE- A Sterling Look, A Sterling Feeling, And A Sterling State of Mind!

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