925 Sterling Silver Heart Victorian Style Natural Green Amethyst Amazon Bangle Bracelets



Amethyst, gem of Pisces and Aries is the birthstone of February and a favored Valentine’s gift

Victorian inspirations in sterling silver from ‘Romantic’, ‘Grand’ and ‘Aesthetic’ eras in 18th century England

Silvershake 12.43ct. Natural Green Amethyst 925 Sterling Silver Heart Victorian Style 7.25 to 8.75 Inch Adjustable Bracelet, is shipped with anti-tarnish protection in reinforced gift boxes & satin-style pouches; guarantee far-outlasting competitors

Amethyst is typically purple, but those few that contain Iron Fe2+ minerals will turn green; Just like your friends when their envious eyes get caught in the ‘Bling-tastic’ beams of this statement jewelry

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