925 Sterling Silver Stud Earrings 6.5mm White Freshwater Pearl Earrings Turquoise Earrings Macys



Unique white pearl earrings made of 6.5mm white round cultured freshwater pearls and 925 sterling silver sticks.

The pearls have round shape and beautiful luster. Delicate and elegant, this pair stud earrings will bring enough fairy and feminine flavor.

Pearls are known as the queen of gems, as they symbolize unblemished perfection, modesty and purity.Up until modern times, pearls were exclusively for the rich, famous and powerful members of society.

Thanks to the modern culturing technology, pearls are now much more affordable and with much higher quality.

JYX Pearl has been dealing with medium-to-high quality pearl and gemstone jewelry wholesale since 1988,we promise the quality of the pearls and any other quetiosns juat contact with us.

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