925 Sterling Silver White Gold, Black and White Rhodium Plating Gray Pearl Earrings Amethyst Heart Earrings



BRILLIANT AND SPARKLY – Our jewelry is made in Sterling Silver, this shining material, and is plated with other precious metals such as rhodium in many of our designs. The most malleable and flexible material can be changed and transformed into beautiful shapes. When it is mixed with other metals, it is more durable and much stronger. This reliable and valuable metal forms the basis of many of our designs

EYE CATCHING – Pearls have a timeless elegance all of their own. Their beauty is prized throughout the world and throughout the ages, never wavering and always loved. Pearls can be found naturally or can be cultured but are usually in tones of either white or cream. Pearls have a perfect sphere-like shape that is abundant with beauty, and they are a joy to use in our jewelry. Pearls are connected with Goddesses as well as with loyalty and purity

CLASSIC BRILLIANCE – We have used this extremely valuable and rare material when plating our silver. Rhodium is an incredibly precious element and comes from the platinum group of precious metals. It mixes well with silver due to its shining patina and creates a luminous sheen that endures across time. It will never tarnish or oxidize, so it is a highly prized material which we use with great care

TIMELESS IN STYLE – Perfect gift for an Anniversary, Birthday, Engagement, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, A June Birthstone a Graduation or just any occasion and are a classic gift for any Woman such as a Bride, Bridesmaids, Fianc??e, Wife, Girlfriend, Daughter, Granddaughter or even a Grandmother

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Gift Box, 1-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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