Fish Hook Earrings Mens Diamond Earrings Square Silver Cubic Zirconia



CHEERY. With these sterling silver snowflake earrings bringing some wintery cheer everywhere you go, your season will be more festive than ever!

SEASONAL. Enjoying the winter weather has never been as easy as it is while wearing these womens sterling silver snowflake earrings.

ARIES AND TAURUS BIRTHSTONE. You can give this queen among gems to an April birthday girl to let her know she’s royalty to you. Cubic zirconia will reflect the intensity of your favorite Aries or Taurus.

SUPPORT AN AMERICAN COMPANY. At Lavari Jewelers, our experts handpick each stone to ensure that your purchase will exceed your expectations every single time. The design and selection of gems is all performed at our headquarters in New York, NY. We take pride in basing our company in the USA because it gives us complete control over quality, authenticity and craftsmanship.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. With every purchase, you get a lifetime manufacturer warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

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