Freshwater Pearl Earrings Swarovski Clip On Earrings Cultured Freshwater Pearl Earrings



FRESHWATER PEARL DANGLE EARRINGS ?C featuring exquisite, oval shaped freshwater pearls on a hoop shaped dangle earring, these intricate pearl drop earrings are a timeless addition to every woman??s jewelry collection

SIZING AND COLOR INFORMATION ?C this elegant pair of cultured freshwater pearl earrings measure 3.6cm in length and the 8mm white pearl is securely fixed into the hoop of the earring

CULTURED FRESHWATER PEARLS ?C cultured freshwater pearls originate from aquaculture, where they are carefully grown by inserting tiny foreign objects such as sand inside mussels. Thanks to the advanced methods used during cultivation, the shape and lustre quality of our freshwater pearls is on par with naturally occurring pearls

FRESHWATER PEARL AND STERLING SILVER EARRINGS ?C crafted from pure, 925 sterling silver, this pair of cultured freshwater pearl earrings are gentle against the skin and safe and comfortable to wear

SPECIAL GIFT FOR LOVED ONES ?C this simplistic, elegant pair of freshwater pearl drop earrings are the perfect gift choice for your wife, mom, grandma, sister or even as a gift of good luck or congratulations for a dear friend

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