Rubber Animal Bracelets Verona Jewelers Silver Diamond Bracelet- Half Bangle Diamond Cut Bar Slider Bracelet



A Righteous Selection with Rock Solid Elegance- Our Bracelet speaks for itself, This Diamond Cut Bar Adjustable Bracelet is engulfed with a shiny and sophisticated sparkle that will sure bring out the inner glow in you.

ONE SIZE FITS ALL Fits All Masterpiece- This Adjustable bar bracelet adjusts up to 9 inches. The Diamond Cut will sure capture the light and create a sparkle that brings out the luxury in You!

The ultimate gift for a Women, Why is this the perfect gift? This Bracelet adjusts to the size you want it to and shines with diamond like brilliance. This Bracelet as well shows a meaningful,Stylish, and beautiful gift.

High Quality for our High expecting customers- we only deliver our customers the best we have to offer. An elegant, quality and timeless piece will always glorify your look.

PURE 925 STERLING SILVER & NICKEL FREE – HYPOALLERGENIC – No more rashes. Great for all skin types. Feel confident with your chain only at Verona 100% Customer Satisfaction Easy on and off access. This Bracelet will sure draw that attention and compliments you deserve be prepared.

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