Silver Diamond Cut 3 Strand Row Herringbone Chain Bracelet Verona Jewelers Everyday Bracelets



?A DESIRE FOR SOMETHING NEW- A NEW Exclusive Braided Twisted Herringbone Chain is A Diamond Cut Treasure. A Unique and Different design For Those Who Want Something New. An Immediate Entry To A Level Of Class and Elegance.

?DURABILITY MEETS FLEXIBILITY- A Chain with A Rock Solid Build with The Flexibility of a Snake.High Caliber Durability, Will Not Break or Bend Out of Shape. A Sensational Diamond Cut Shine Cheap Cnan Not Deliver

?COMFORT FIT- The Smooth Flat Surface Feels Unbelievable on the Skin. Crafted With Absolute Precision to form The Ultimate Piece of Jewelery that will not Pull or Tug on Your Skin. The Only Thing It will Pull in Tug is Attractiveness.

?FEEL THE WEALTH- An Easy Way TO Satisfy Your Crave and Desire For Wealth Without Compromising Your Finances. A Premiere Way For an Immediate Upgrade in Your Style. An Expensive Looking Chain for a Fraction of The Price

? WHY STERLING SILVER ? Sterling silver is hypoallergenic, making it ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.A piece of cheap alloy jewelry will irritate your skin, won’t last long, and will be more likely to break. Choosing sterling silver means choosing jewelry that won’t damage your skin, and will last a long time!

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