Clicker Hoop Earrings Sterling Silver Modern Arch



This Modern Arch Cuff features two intersecting, hammered-sterling silver arches attached in the middle by a single sterling silver bar

MODERN GEO: Your high school geometry class couldn’t have prepared you for the geo trend taking over the runways! These sterling silver styles are designed from shapes like triangles, crescents, circles and chevrons that take on a more organic, hand-crafted look with the help of brushed, textured or hammered detailing. These modern designs can be paired with your favorite geometric patterned top for a head-turning look or simply accessorize your go-to casual ensemble with a dash of mod glam.

HAMMERED-FINISH STERLING SILVER: Pieces featuring a hammered-finish are perfect for those looking for jewelry with a little less shine and a little more sophistication, making them perfect for an office or an alternative, bohemian look

Cuff measures 7 3/4 inches in circumference and 1 1/2 inches in width


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