925 Sterling Silver Leaf Leverback Dangle Earrings 24K Gold Bamboo Earrings With Name Natural Peridot



Peridot received it??s moniker as ??Gem of the Sun?? from ancient Egyptians who recovered the gems from Pallasite meteorites, iron-nickel meteorites, containing Forsterite-Olivine: Peridot

Sun, Moon, flowers, animals of every sort; sterling silver jewelry with nature’s touch are charming and cute and bring a bit of natural ‘Fun ‘n’ Frolic’ to your style

Silvershake 5.52ct. Natural Peridot 925 Sterling Silver Leaf Leverback Dangle Earrings, is shipped with anti-tarnish protection in reinforced gift boxes & satin-style pouches; guarantee far-outlasting competitors

August??s green birthstone, Peridot, ranges from Tsavorite lime to Emerald jungle greens; the latter being the most sought after

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